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Timeless Silk - Green Eri Silk Stole

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Timeless elegance and ethical craftsmanship. Be amazed by the softness of these scarves, redefining the boundaries of luxury. Each scarf is handwoven and organically dyed. The production process is animal and environmentally friendly, allowing the silkworm to live after leaving its cocoon. Created with care, these scarves beautifully honor both tradition and style.

Dimensions: 220x60 cm

Weight: 180 g

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Care Instructions

Eri silk, known for its remarkable self-cleansing properties, alleviates the need for frequent washing of your cherished stole. Simply opt for a gentle approach by either steaming the stole or delicately hand washing it in cold water using soapnuts or a mild detergent. This thoughtful care routine not only preserves the natural beauty of the fabric but also extends the longevity of your Eri silk stole, allowing you to continue enjoying its elegance and luxurious texture for years to come.

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Timeless Silk - Green Eri Silk Stole
Timeless Silk - Green Eri Silk Stole
Timeless Silk - Green Eri Silk Stole
Timeless Silk - Green Eri Silk Stole
Timeless Silk - Green Eri Silk Stole

Product Details

Discover the ultimate blend of elegance, comfort, and sustainability with our Timeless Silk stoles. Our skilled artisans in India craft each stole by hand using natural Eri silk, which is then dyed with organic substances like turmeric, charcoal, and indigo. Eri silk is a cruelty-free option that ages gracefully, becoming softer with time and providing static body temperature for all-season versatility. However, what truly sets Eri silk apart is its emotional durability, becoming a beloved companion as it ages. Invest in our Timeless Silk stoles for a fashionable accessory that you can treasure for years to come.

Why choose a Timeless Eri Silk stole?

  • Unique Handcrafted Design - Each Eri silk stole is a one-of-a-kind piece, handwoven by skilled artisans for a personal and artistic touch.
  • Eco-Friendly - Eri silk production is sustainable and cruelty-free, making it an ethical choice for conscious consumers.
  • Lightweight and Comfortable - Eri silk is soft and lightweight, perfect for all-day wear.
  • Versatile - The Eri silk stole can be worn in many different ways, as a shawl, scarf, or headscarf.
  • Timeless and Elegant - The Eri silk stole adds sophistication and style to any outfit, with a beautiful texture and color that never goes out of fashion.

Product Information

The Sustainability of Green Eri Silk Stole: An Ethical Choice

Green eri silk stoles are not only fashionable accessories but also a symbol of ethical and sustainable practices. Local artisans use traditional techniques to spin and weave the finest quality silk fabric, resulting in a distinct texture and drape that cannot be replicated by machine-made fabrics. Choosing eri silk over synthetic fabrics is an eco-friendly and sustainable choice, as it requires minimal energy and water to produce. Moreover, eri silk is biodegradable and compostable at the end of its life cycle, making it a responsible choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact. If you want to learn more about this handmade green eri silk stole, check out our in-depth blog.

Handcrafted Eri Silk Stoles: A Unique Work of Art

The process of handspinning and handweaving eri silk creates a one-of-a-kind accessory with natural variations in color and texture that machine-made fabrics cannot replicate. The irregularities in the weave and subtle imperfections make each piece unique, adding to its charm and beauty. By wearing a handcrafted eri silk stole, you can appreciate and celebrate the artistry and craftsmanship of the skilled artisans who make them.

Preserving Cultural Heritage through Green Eri Silk

The production of eri silk is a cultural tradition passed down through generations, and by choosing green eri silk stoles over synthetic fabrics, you support local artisans and their traditional practices. Preserving cultural heritage is crucial for promoting sustainable livelihoods and maintaining cultural diversity. Wearing a green eri silk stole is not just a fashion statement but also a meaningful way to support cultural heritage.

The Timeless Elegance of Eri Silk Stoles

Eri silk stoles are timeless and versatile accessories that can enhance any outfit, whether it is for a formal occasion or casual wear. Their natural elegance and versatility make them a perfect choice for any wardrobe. By adding an eri silk stole to your outfit, you can elevate your style and make a statement of sophistication and ethical fashion.

Eri Silk Stoles: A Must-Have in Women’s Fashion

Eri silk stoles are a popular choice for women's fashion due to their unique appeal and elegance. The natural variations in color and texture of eri silk make it a statement piece that adds sophistication and style to any outfit. Additionally, the ethical and sustainable production of eri silk makes it a meaningful addition to any fashion collection. For more information on eri silk, visit the website of the MAP Academy.


  • 100% Pure Eri silk | Ahimsa Silk
  • Animal Friendly | Vegan
  • Organic dye: Turmeric+Indigo | Green
  • Dimensions: length 220 cm | width 60 cm
  • Natural fabric, suitable for sensitive and hypoallergenic skin.
  • Handspun and handwoven by artisans in East India.
  • Eri silk is self-cleaning, so there is no need to wash it often.
  • We recommend steaming Eri silk or hand washing with cold water and soapnuts or a mild detergent.

We Give Back

Our Collaboration with Akshar

Dzukou believes that social collaboration is the key to bringing change. We donate a portion of our profits to Akshar Foundation which educates underprivileged children in India in exchange of the recyclable plastics that they consume. We contribute towards school supplies and mid-day meals for these children who are foregoing earning livelihood for their families to remain in school. We also invest in and work with craft communities in Eastern India to stimulate innovative experimentation with eco-materials by the craftsmen.

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Plastic Free

At Dzukou we focus on well-designed products that use eco-materials to reduce plastic consumption in the workplace and everyday life and provide the perfect alternative to single-use plastics. In addition to replacing single-use plastics, we aim for a plastic-free logistics process. In our packaging, we try to limit the use of plastic as much as possible.

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Eri Silk Worms

From tiny eggs to beautiful silk: Witness the delicate art of rearing Eri silk worms, as dedicated hands nurture their growth, feeding them with utmost care and patience, creating a vibrant tapestry of nature's marvels.

Eri Silk Cocoons

The enchanting Eri silk cocoons, meticulously crafted by patient silkworms, each cocoon a masterpiece of shimmering threads, waiting to be transformed into luxurious fabrics that grace the world of fashion.

Weaving Eri Silk

Experience the time-honored craft of weaving Eri silk, as skilled artisans skillfully interlace delicate threads, breathing life into extraordinary textiles that embody elegance, comfort, and the rich cultural heritage of the Eri silk tradition.

Organic Dyeing

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of organic dyeing, where silk becomes a canvas for nature's palette. Witness the skilled hands carefully extracting colors from plant-based sources, as the silk fibers embrace their vibrant transformations, resulting in sustainable and beautiful works of art.
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Mooie sjaal

Deze sjaal is een prachtige accessoire voor een een multifunctionele garderobe. Zakelijk, sportief of voor een gezellige bijeenkomst, gecombineerd met het juiste kledingstuk geeft het net even extra glans aan een outfit.
De kwaliteit is uitzonderlijk en de productiewijze maakt deze sjaal helemaal bijzonder. Ik ben er bijzonder blij mee.

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