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Dzukou Talks To Girl Up!

Girls Up Wings is a United Nations programme that aims to support women in places where it is difficult to be a girl. The following interview is with a woman who clearly remembers her own youthful days and how other women supported her at crucial points in her life which led to where she is now. As a woman in business (starting her start-up, Dzukou ) and doing research in Design, she cannot anticipate all the challenges that might arise. She has always believed that she has stood on the shoulders of giants and that anyone who dares to take an unconventional path would have her support.

If you are a woman who has already achieved a lot, please do consider being part of support movements that help young women rise above socio-culturally and organizationally enacted barriers.

You can quickly skim through the interview if you wish. It’s more for encouraging you to be part of a network than just viewing.

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