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Bamboo Bottles – The Perfect Alternative To Plastic Bottles

Imagine waking up one day to find yourself encased in a filthy layer of plastic bits, unable to breathe or even move. Well, this nightmare may come true one day if we don’t change our old habits. Do you know that according to estimates, 1.3 billion plastic bottles are used each day across the world, which is about 1 million per minute? That’s crazy, isn’t it? To tackle the problem of plastic bottles, we prefer sustainable bamboo bottles. These are made from premium bamboo trees that are both antibacterial and maintain the nutrients in the water. However, don’t good things come with a price? Because of this, these products cost more than regular plastic water bottles. 

You won’t ever purchase plastic bottles again after reading these 5 mind-blowing facts about bamboo water bottles.

Drop Toxicity by Choosing Nature

As bamboo bottles are made of bamboo, they do not contain any hazardous substances. These water bottles are made from bamboo laminates that are made by pressing bamboo under heat and pressure. No pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers are needed for the bamboo plant to grow. Therefore, we can presume that the rigid container won’t include any such inherent chemical. 

No More Consumption of Microplastics!

You wouldn’t have to worry about bacteria and other microbes in bamboo water bottles, unlike plastic water bottles. Due to the degrading inferior materials, the plastic bottles sustain damage from the inside out, which finally renders the water unsafe for consumption. When we drink water from plastic bottles, we unintentionally consume a lot of microplastics. However, to tackle that problem, we can opt for bamboo bottles. This will ultimately help us to promote a healthy lifestyle and consume safe water. The nutrients in the water will remain the same no matter how long you store it in these bottles. 

They Have a Longer Shelf Life

There is a chance for a longer shelf life because it is made from a green source and does not undergo any conversion from the raw material. Compared to water bottles made of copper or plastic, bamboo bottles are the best on the market in terms of quality and longevity. All bamboo bottles are constructed from rust-free, all-natural materials. Additionally, bamboo is a strong material, so there are fewer risks of breakage and damage, giving these bottles a longer shelf life.

Best Competitor for Steel

It doesn’t shatter, and bamboo possesses a tensile strength that is superior to even steel. Bamboo can bend in a violent windstorm and travel with the flow. Stalks may match the strength of most steel when cut and squeezed. This ability makes it ideal for use in home construction.

Our Old Mate “Sustainability”

Bamboo has economic sustainability purposes. A fully developed tree can take up to 60 years to create, and a replacement takes an additional 60 years. Fortunately, some bamboo species can mature in as little as 60 days. Due to the fact that they develop multiple shoots at once, it is also natural and simple to grow. Did you know that the livelihood of rural communities in Southeast Asia depends on bamboo plantations? So, when we choose to go for bamboo bottles, we are also supporting their means of subsistence. Bamboo is a sustainable option in and of itself, thanks to its green supply. It uses very little energy to grow, prevents soil erosion, produces biofuel, and increases the range of wildlife refuges. Due to the bamboo plant being a renewable resource and having inherent rigidity, we must engrave it in the desired shape, such as a bamboo water bottle.

If you’ve read about all the benefits of using a bamboo bottle, you may be asking where you can get one for yourself. Don’t worry! We’ve got your back, friend. Dzukou sells some amazing, strong, organic, and reasonably priced bottles that fit perfectly in your hand.

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