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Reviving Maker Culture In An Emerging Economy

This is a short talk given at IIM Shillong’s Amazing NamastE forum about how our cofounder is connecting her Ph.D. research and her company, Dzukou to bridge the gap between Western markets and maker clusters in an Emerging Economy like India (In this case: North East India) without disregarding their creativity and designs. We also aim to stimulate material tinkering and experimentation within such communities to innovate new material stories.

We are happy to have initiated such work with one cluster in Assam already three months after our EU launch. As a startup, it is difficult to keep social goals over economic goals and to start investing in R&D. But we are beginning to look at Government financing in the EU for doing materials R&D.

If you know of any funding opportunities, we would really appreciate it if you could give us some advice.

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