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Why Are Wooden Sunglasses “Trending”

Wooden sunglasses are a hot trend today exactly because they are the antithesis of it: a non-trend. With the fashion industry slowly drifting towards slow-fashion, well-designed wooden sunglasses present an eye wear fashion that is more stable than other shades in terms of user preference. They are more a matter of style than fashion and hence are more emotionally enduring for the user. Also, fashion today leans towards neutrals and naturals and wooden shades perfectly fit that organic feel. The brown hues of wooden sunglasses can fit any mood.

But why would someone choose wooden shades over plastic ones when they come cheaper and have been the most used material for sunglasses in ages?

Here are a few reasons why you should ditch your old plastic and go for natural and chic-looking wooden ones.

Stand out in the crowd

Contrary to neutral color schemes, bright hues don’t help us stand out in the crowd. Moreover, undertone colored wooden sunglasses are undoubtedly a blessing because they provide style and panache and may seemingly go with any outfit. Wooden sunglasses have a subtle beauty about them and can rapidly update your sense of fashion to match current trends. These bamboo sunglasses will always complement your style, whether you choose to opt for a relaxed street style feel or a polished, business-casual appearance.

Protect your eyes with these sunglasses

You’ll realize that wearing a pair of men’s or women’s wooden sunglasses is clearly more comfortable than wearing any other pair. In comparison to plastic or metal sunglasses, which are much heavier, wood sunglasses are not only fashionable but also incredibly lightweight and comfortable, enabling them to be worn for long periods of time without experiencing any stress or discomfort on the nasal bridge or around the ears. As they have polarized lenses, these sunglasses may prevent UVA and UVB rays. It is kind to the skin because it feels natural. The ability of wood to repel water and sweat is another benefit.

Say no to allergy reactions by choosing natural

Since wood is a naturally durable material, little to no processing is required to create a pair of wooden sunglasses. To put it another way, they’re all natural. The production and processing of several chemicals to generate the finished plastic or metal eyewear might result in the release of hazardous compounds into the environment. The natural hypoallergenic properties of wood make it a healthier choice than other materials whose use can result in allergy reactions or other health problems. Unlike sunglasses manufactured of other materials, it enables continuous long-day wear without running the danger of producing any skin irritation or subjective discomfort.

Longer durability and sturdiness are all you need in sunglasses 

The sturdiness and durability of wooden prescription sunglasses are another benefit. Wood is a strong material that can withstand repeated usage without losing quality or degrading, making it perfect for daily use without the risk of wear and tear. These robust shades are heat, water, corrosion, and pollution resistant. Bamboo is the ideal material to use if you want sunglasses with the highest resistance and durability. Bamboo is renowned for its strength; in fact, its tensile strength is higher than that of steel.

Contribute to the environment and sustainability 

You can actively contribute to the preservation of the environment by purchasing wooden sunglasses. In terms of eyewear, switching from a pair of plastic sunglasses to an eco-friendly pair of bamboo sunglasses can lower your carbon footprint. Especially when it comes from properly managed forests, wood is one of the greenest building materials. By absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and lowering fresh carbon emissions into the air, it is a special material that aids in the fight against climate change. Wood sunglasses are produced and processed with far less energy than conventional sunglasses, which has a less negative influence on the environment. In addition, wood is biodegradable and recyclable.

Wooden sunglasses come in a range of shapes and patterns, making them ideal for both men and women. Take a peek at Dzukou’s timeless frames, clean lines, and distinctive details. These natural glasses have a modern touch that suits the urban style. The frames are made from ebony laminated wood with polarized lenses that block UVA and UVB rays.

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