WeaveTogether: Empowering Women with Organic Cotton

WeaveTogether: Empowering Women with Organic Cotton

In the landscape of innovation, marginalized communities often get left behind. Yet, it's these very communities that require tailored innovations to uplift them as cohesive units.

Our sustainability lifestyle company, Dzukou, is spearheading a social innovation project with marginalized women in semi-urban India. Using a network technique, we mobilized a group of women to collaborate with us. By employing a communication frequency method within our network of home-weavers, we identified influential women and actively engaged with them, drawing more weavers to form cohesive clusters.

The Problem:

In rural and semi-urban areas of north-east India, women traditionally engage in weaving. However, many face significant barriers when trying to enter the silk industry due to various challenges. Additionally, those in semi-urban regions often lack agricultural land, complicating matters further. Poverty and domestic violence are prevalent issues, leading to lives of seclusion and limited economic independence for many women.

The Innovative Solution:

To address these challenges, we established women-led clusters, breaking away from traditional male-dominated norms. Led by local women, these clusters foster courage and creativity among members. Leveraging a unique communication method, we identified influential women to collaborate with, forming cohesive clusters. Additionally, we sourced high-quality organic cotton and provided training in value-adding services like dyeing and embroidery, empowering women to co-design products for a global market.

Our Products:

Cascade Scarves: Lightweight and soft scarves with vibrant Ombré hues, perfect for summer.

Shibori Neckerchiefs: Unique tie-and-dye designs crafted from locally sourced organic materials.

Santorini Stoles: Exquisite stoles made from 100% pure organic cotton and dyed with all-natural, locally sourced dyes.

Why Kickstarter:

Our Kickstarter campaign aims to fund the expansion of organic cotton weaving in one of our key clusters, supporting women to transition into the handmade cotton industry. With your support, we'll bring more women into our network, co-design new products, build inventory, create branding material, and establish sales channels through our web store.

Risks and Challenges:

The Organic Cotton project addresses the sociological challenges faced by semi-urban women in India, promoting economic independence and enhancing social connections. By providing a platform for women to harness their skills, we're fostering hope and resilience in communities facing adversity.

If you're intrigued by our work, please consider supporting our campaign and empowering these women to thrive.

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