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Social Collaboration: Dzukou and Akshar

Dzukou's Goal: Minimizing Single-Use Plastics

Dzukou's mission is to reduce the use of single-use plastics in workplaces and homes. The company offers a wide range of products made from eco-friendly materials. Dzukou aims to promote social responsibility and raise awareness about plastic pollution's adverse impacts on wildlife habitats and human environments.

Collaboration with Akshar Foundation

Dzukou has partnered with the Akshar Foundation to spread knowledge and awareness about plastic pollution. The Akshar Foundation is a model school in Assam, India, that provides innovative teaching methods. The foundation promotes education and environmental remediation by having every student pay their school fees with plastics collected from their homes. The campus also has a recycling center for plastics where students volunteer part-time to process non-recyclable, dry, plastic packaging into eco-bricks.

Child-Centric Teaching Methodology at Akshar Foundation

The Akshar Foundation follows a child-centric teaching methodology that promotes quality education and eradicates child labor. They use a system called meta-teaching, ensuring all children receive individual support and encouragement to learn effectively. Older and senior students teach younger students and assist as teaching assistants. The foundation provides daily private mentoring to every young child, motivating them to learn and ask questions.

Rewards for Learning and Incentivizing Academic Progress

The majority of families in India have multiple children and minimum earning, making pursuing education challenging. Akshar rewards students who voluntarily participate in learning and helping their families, motivating them to learn more to receive more rewards. The teaching skill of students is measured through self-evaluation, where they assess their critical thinking, communication, empathy, patience, and ability to motivate.

Balancing Practical Skills and Abstract Learning

The Akshar Foundation's curriculum balances practical skills with abstract learning, helping students gain skills that can help them get placed in colleges and high-skilled trade jobs. This approach contributes to minimizing and eradicating child labor while providing students with the knowledge they need to succeed in the workforce.

Dzukou and Akshar's Sustainable Future

Dzukou and the Akshar Foundation aim to reduce and recycle plastic usage for a sustainable future. Both organizations support conservation of the environment and sustainable development. Using eco-friendly materials is not enough, spreading awareness and recycling already-existing plastics are equally important for a better environment. Learn more about Akshar here.

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